Belac Southpaw
I'm the last Dragon Master -Belac
Vital statistics
Title Prince of Photis
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Dragon's Guild
Health High
Level Dragon Master
Status Alive,25
Location Dragon Mountain

Belac -member of Dragon's Guild
-Dragon Master

 – 23:16, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

Hey come to meditate or learn?


Born in 5E75 and lived a very secret life.When he was realized as the King's son he was asked to take his father's place which he refused stating that he wanted to join the Dragon's Guild.He trained from age 14 and went through the ranks fairly fast eventually getting excepted into the Dragon Master Council at age 24.When he turned 25 he and the rest of the Council fought of armies of Umbrians who kept reviving themselves over and over again.Eventually he retreated with his dragons Cloudest,Magmar,Icerend,and Hurricane to the nearest Guild Hall to get help fighting off the Umbrians.They one the Battle and know he resides at the Top of the Mountain unless he decides to check on the other Guild halls or help fight the war or someone tries to visit him.


He used to be energetic and liked to fight allot until he became a Dragon Master now he is very Serious and meditates for large amounts of time.

Powers and DragonsEdit

Fire- Mastered Flames to full extent

Ice- Mastered Ice to full extent

Air- Mastered Air to full extent

Storm- Is having trouble with this Element

Cloudest- Air Dragon,Third Companion

Magmar- Fire Dragon,First Companion

Icerend- Ice Dragon,Second Companion

Hurricane- Storm Dragon,Last Companion


  • Southpaw fits him well as he is Left Handed
  • He is a Human so he is mastered with the Sword
  • Has trouble with the Storm Element