Dragon's Guild International Symbol

A guild sworn to lead Dragons to victory and defend the Continent Photis against the Continent Umbria.They train in commanding Dragons and using the four Dragon Elements(Fire,Ice,Air,and Storm)and mastering them to defend against Umbrians(More info on that later).Each member is granted a baby Dragon that they have to learn to train at one of the Guild Halls where they study and Learn for many years.Each Race is granted their own set of Ranks each ending in Dragon Hero.Each begins with a small test to see how they adapt to the Dragon Elements.Only those who show the ability to use an Element with Full power and they train on the rest overtime.Rank 1 is where they just make it in to the guild and they are in heavy Training and Studying.Rank 2 is where they get adapted to their skills and get bonded with their Dragons and become one of the 3 Teachers for the Guild training those in the same Race as them to use their skills.Rank 3 is where they become the Leader of the Guild and maintain all the Students and Teachers there.They have the abilities to use every command on their Dragon and able to take on many Umbrian Legions alone.Tis position can be Challanged in the Arena every month.A Dragon Hero is someone who starts to Train a Second Dragon and have been through every Rank.They can use all four elements in battle.They travel the Continent and start new Guilds in Cities and also keep the Barrier between Umbria and Photis strong so that war cant be started.The fifth Rank is Dragon Master.There used to be a Council of them that lived on the top of the Dragon Moutain and kept all the Guilds and Heroes stable and kept watch on Umbria.During the Recent War they ran low on members until one more remained.They also had complete control of 4 Dragons one of each element and could use each Element at it's full extent.The Final Rank is Dragon King.This is the head of the Dragon Master Council and has the ability to live for many Millinia(Despite the fact that a regular Dragon's Guild Member can live up to 500 years of age)and had control of every Dragon in the whole Planet.Little is known about the Dragon King at this time.


Human:Dragon Knight ==> Dragon Warrior ==> Dragon Warlord ==> Dragon Hero

Elf:Dragon Scout ==> Dragon Ranger ==> Dragon Assassin ==> Dragon Hero

Wizard:Dragon Mage ==> Dragon Arch-Mage ==> Dragon Warlock ==> Dragon Hero


Belac Southpaw

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