Fire- Offensive Power,Can shoot flames out of hands,feet,and mouth.Can also control any nearby fire and finally make weapons of Fire.

Ice- Defensive Power,Can Make walls of Ice and also use that Ice to create small building and mazes to distract enemies and also can freeze enemies so that they cant escape the hauled to either prison or killed.

Air- Agility Power,Can make you fly,run faster,jump higher,and dodge attacks.The offensive part of this Element is that you can blow enemies away with the wind or lift them up and throw them incredible distances.

Storm- Balanced Power,Is the most hardest Element to master and can destroy entire cities if used wrong.It can Shoot Lightning to attack,Storms to Destroy and Provide cover,and create Mist and clouds to defend.

Death- Forbidden Power,Can raise people from the Dead,Trap souls,Devour Cities.This is only used by Umbrians and is forbidden by the laws of the Dragon's Guild for obvious reasons.No Dragon on Photis is able to use this ability cause of their training to Protect and serve and their old ways were abandoned since the Second Great War when they were first trained by Mortals.

Life- This is only known by the Dragon King.It's abilities are unknown but it's presumed to be able to give hope and is what created the barriers between Photis and Umbria many Millinia Ago.