Mercury Winters
Vital statistics
Title Ice dragon rider
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Dragon's Guild
Health High
Level Dragon Knight
Status Alive; 15
Location Guild Hall


Mercury was born in Pythis and at a young age developed a love for swordplay. She practiced everyday when she was 7 and soon became better than her four older brothers combined. One day, however, an evil gang of bandits came and killed her family. Before they could kill her she took two sharp knives and fought them all off. Depressed, she fled to an ice cave and found an ice dragon trapped between two large ice bolders. She set him free and became his master and rider. She named him Teelayn (Tea-lan). Mercury also met Belac on her many travels, and joined his dragons guild. She currently lives with Teelayn in the Guild Hall.


Mercury has very short spiky blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a more school girl version of the traditional Pythis outfit, by adding a short skirt and knee high socks. She has a long white cape that is also a hood and always carries her two short spiky swords around on her belt.


Since Mercury is only 15, she is often a bit immature and silly but loves having fun and being alive. She also loves fighting and sword play. Mercury treats Teelayn like a family member, and will do anything to protect him. She also misses her family dearly and doesn't like talking abotu them at all. She is best friends with