Mulch Diggums
", I'm getting a medal for that, right?"- Mulch
Vital statistics
Title Dwarven Thief
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Faction Dragons Guild (Not an Official Member)
Health 65 %
Level He's one of the best thieves in the world
Status Alive, 50
Location Traveling


Mulch Diggums was born in 5E50. Unlike other dwarves, he never felt like joining the fight to destroy the Dragons Guild. He was more interested in the money. So, he branched away from the umbrians and began his life as a thief. He would steal from the umbrians, he would steal from the Dragons Guild, it didn't matter. He was a lone dwarf. It wasn't till Opal Koboi, a high ranking umbrian, killed Mulch's dear friend Julius Root, that Mulch decided to pick a side. Truly, Mulch didn't actually join the Dragons Guild, but he went on there side. He made friends with a lot of their members, and when they need a thief, Mulch will except it before learning what he has to do. A few years ago, Mulch helped Caleb Southpaw with an important mission, and he finally got pardoned for his thieving. Mulch has spent the past 30 years in and out of prison, and is very glad to finally be a free dwarf.


Mulch has long brown hair that connects to his beard, which is jagged and poorly cut. He has LONG teeth, and his jaw can open VERY wide. His skin is bluish, and he carries around thieves tools with him everywhere.