Their are 7(Possibly 8) different species each hailing from their own continent.Each has their own type of ability and info.

Humans- The people of Photis are excellent at Maces.Axes,and Blades.They usually take the first line of attack in war.

Elves- The People of Everfore are excellent with Bows and Crossbows.They settled in the country of Pythis in Photis.

Wizards- The people of Magivsore are experienced in the use of Staffs and Magic.They settled on the country of Mawns.

Dwarves- The people of Hobote are War hungry and masters at every weapon.They settled in the country Befong then Umbria.

Dragons- Animals that used to be Evil until trained by the Dragon's Guild.They live on Dragon Mountain and at Guild halls.

Cyclops- The People of Dahz.Despite their name they are the size of a regular Human.They currently forge weapons for Photis

Orcs- The People of Umbria tried to take over the world back in the early years.They are currently slaves to Dwarves.

Cetea- The Descendents of Elves,Humans,and Wiazards.They had allot of interest in technology and invented all sorts of Tech(Such as Guns,Automatons,Etc)The use of their tech is forbidden and illegal in Photis.