Umbria's National Flag

Since the First Great War or also known as the "Revolution of the Dwarves" the Umbrians(Formerally Dwarves) have been powered by Darkness and then settled to the new continent Umbria.They Enslaved the Orcs living there before them and also took the Prisoners from the Great War and enslaved them too.Most of them are Cross-Breeds or Bloodlines have been crossed with Dwarven blood so much that they are considered Dwarves themselves.The Dwarves have their own Army too with the Highest Rank being "Phoenix King" the leader of the entire Continent.They use the remaining Ancient Evil Dragons to fight and have been rising their species to defeat Photis.They have two seperate Armies the Skeleton Army and the Phoenix Army.The Skeleton Army are the lower-mid ranks of the Umbrians while the Phoenix Army is the High ranked members of the Umbrians and most are known throughout the continent.